Under a War-Torn Sky

Book by L. M. Elliott, presentation by Grace Kilworth

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Henry Forester, a young American military pilot, is shot down from the war-torn skies of France during a serious mission against the Nazis. Being the only survivor of his unit, he is left stranded alone, hungry, and wounded behind enemy lines, only able to rely on the kindness of the French resistance to aid him. As each day moves forwards, he comes closer to safety, freedom, and danger. As he continues his stays with the French, he learns the true crisis they're in, and comes to admire them for their strength and bravery.

French Resistance - research + accuracy

To put it simply, the French Resistance were a group of many people that wanted to get rid Nazi German during their occupation. They were made up of both men and women, which the book portrays well. In the story, you meet multiple people that are part of the resistance, men and woman, peaceful or aggressive, which there are said to be people that weren't aggressive-they normally housed lost Allied soldiers. They are a group of people that are willing to give their lives for their freedom. The author showed this really well, and I don't think they could've done better.

French life during German occupation - research + accuracy

Most of the story took place on the outskirts, in the country area. The story was very accurate here, as well as in the cities, but I'll leave that for later. It had people living as if the war didn't even exist in the rural area, with German soldiers passing every so often and demanding foods, but that was occasional. They lived in peace, especially farmers who grew their own foods. In the cities, life had gotten much worse. Calorie intakes before the war had dropped from 2500 per day to 1200-1500 by the time it had finished. A huge black market had opened up, thousands went unemployed and had to join the military. The book show this very well, with food being obviously scarce in bigger cities. The author did an amazing way of displaying things here as well, and as said before, I don't think she could've done any better.

Theme - (spoilers)

I believe the theme of the story is to never give up hope, even in the darkest of times. This is shown in multiple areas of the book, water you're looking through the eyes of Henry, the French resistance-anyone in France, for that matter. When Henry was tortured, his tormentor deliberately left the door open so he would find a sliver of hope to only to have it crushed when he rounded the corner and continued Henry's torture. That didn't crush him though, he found a way out and continued onwards, starving, thirsty, alone, and forced to steal for survival. The French resistance never gave up on fighting navi Germany in both the book and real life, even when comrades fell, they still held onto their hope of one day winning.


Author website - http://www.lmelliott.com/

Sequel - "A Troubled Peace"