Drew P

5th hr

At home

mom,dad,brother and three dogs

My hobbies

I like to play football and golf. video games and running

Plans for summer

I am going to hang out with a lot of my friends. do one or two football camps. play video games. playing golf with my dad brother grandpa.

sports i do

i do football and golf also i do wrestling during winter.

My best trip i have taken?

the Best trip i have taken was too was The BADLANDS. it was fun but boring driving all the time four days in the middle of no ware. in the 93 degrees i drank a lot of water. we saw a eagle at a zoo. i had fun in the BADLANDS.

my favorite food is called monkey bread.

monkey bread is made with bread that has been taken out of the freezer over night and mixed with hot melted butter and brown sugar. it is really good and is easy to make.