Labor Movements

by: kamrin gravitte

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The begining

This started in the medieval and ancient times. they were mad because they had no say in their wages. Not only were they low but they worked in any condition. in the 1700's they formed unions for more pay they were called mutual aid or benevolent society's and things started to change. (
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Taking a Stand

People started to realize the big problem. They started to stop working so they wouldn't be replaced. They started to protest nothing less then what they wanted. When the great depression came it boosted unionism and people started to get a wake up call. (
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Things started to change

Everyone was raging about this problem because they were basically being abused. Then they labor movements were finally starting in the 1930's. Soon enough in 1935 the national relations act was passed. Now today union workers are construction, manufacturing, mining, and transportation. ( )
COMMON PATH - The legacy between the labor and civil rights movement

Todays Effect

we are still protesting today for more money but the things that have happend in the past have helped people realize what was happening and it changed the way we do things today

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