By Hannah


Welcome to My learn about Neptune! Here we will learn interesting facts about Neptune and many more :D

What size is Neptune?

Neptune's diameter is 49,500 km and that makes Neptune the 4th largest planet out of the Solar System.

What color is Neptune?

The color of Neptune is azure blue almost like a baby blue. Its almost the color of the ocean!

Neptune's distance from the sun?

Neptune is really far from the sun over 4.5 billion km's away from the sun.

What temperature is Neptune?

The temperature of Neptune is 225 -C. Thats colder than the North pole!

The speed Neptune moves?

Neptune's equatorial rotation speed is 2.68 km per second, that makes a complete every single day.

Similarities from Earth to Neptune?

Earth can be cold in someplaces but Neptune is way colder than Earth!

Does anything live on Neptune?

Scientist don't know the truth if there any living life on Neptune.

Special characteristics?

Neptune has rings that were discovered in 1846.

Thank you for learning about Neptune!