What happens when the civilized turn savage?

The leader of the tribe of kids on the island

Voted in as the leader, he is now looked up to by the little kids. He makes all the decisions and tries to get things done for the greater good of the kids. Though some people might not agree with his actions or how he runs things, everything he tries to do is for the greater good of the kids trapped on the island.

The kid who has to grow up

Ralph is still a boy, but now he has all the responsibilities. He is in charge of protecting, of taking care of, and providing for the kids who elected him cheif. He still wants to be a kid, which is evident when they go off hunting and ralph hits a pig with his spear. Ralph joins in on all the dancing and the chanting, and he enjoys it. This wont be the only time either.

Ralphs' Friends & Foes

"Cant you see we ought to- ought to die before we let the fire out?"

What is life without fire?

Fire. Thats the key to living and surviving on that god forsaken island. Without fire their doomed to remain stranded on that island, and eventually die. Only one person knows that the fire is salvation and thats Ralph. Once the fire went out, Ralph went balistic. He called an assembley and started acting like a cheif.

Lord of the Flies

Written By William GoldingOne of the most interesting and complicated books ive read in a while-Dennis Brown