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E.O.D Technician by jordan rivers

what is a E.O.D technician?

U.S. Army E.O.D Tech or (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) is a job having to deal with I.E.Ds (improvised Explosive Device). An E.O.D techs job is to find these bombs in the ground and use robots to send C4 out over the bomb and destroy it by blowing it up.

Wikipedia - definition - United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians render safe all types of ordnance, including improvised, chemical, biological, and nuclear. They perform land and underwater location, identification, render-safe, and recovery (or disposal) of foreign and domestic ordnance. They conduct demolition of hazardous munitions, pyrotechnics, and retrograde explosives using detonation and burning techniques. They forward deploy and fully integrate with the various Combatant Commanders, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and various warfare units within the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army. They are also called upon to support military and civilian law enforcement agencies, as well as the Secret Service.

EOD Technicians’ missions take them to all environments, and every climate, in every part of the world. They have many assets available to arrive to their mission, from open- and closed-circuit scuba and surface supplied diving rigs, to parachute insertion from fixed-wing aircraft and fast-rope, abseil, and Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) fromrotary aircraft, to small boats and tracked vehicles.

What is an IED?

An improvised explosive device (IED) is a bomb constructed and deployed in ways other than in conventional military action. It may be constructed of conventional military explosives, such as an artillery round, attached to a detonating mechanism. IEDs are commonly used as roadside bomb.

what is the affect of an IED attack?

knowing how deadly these bombs are the aftermath of the explosion is devastating. IEDs are the leading killer of american soldiers. These bombs are planted over night in the dirt road where US soldiers drive and patrol on the most.

where do i want to go to school?

well i dont really know right at this moment but what i do know is that the EOD program you have to go to school if you make it into the job.

where do i want to live?

ive always thought about a place id love to live and when i truly think about it i cant decide. all i know about where i want to live is in the woods with a house made from my mind and the woods to go hunting. if i had to say right now it would be Nebraska.

My Theme song would be "Best Of You" - Foo Fighters

I picked this song because the meaning behind it is perfect for what im trying to accomplish. Dave Grohl's (lead singer) meaning behind the song is to break away from those who confine you. To not let anything hold you back or get in your way of achieving your ultimate goal.
Foo Fighters - Best Of You