Eric Hosmer

Sophie Jones


His mom recorded all his baseball games to show him how he played.
His dad coached most his games when he was little.

Teenage Years

  • Attended American Heritage High school
  • Signed for Idaho Falls; played 3 games
  • Member of the Rawlings high school Gold Glove team
  • Named ALL-USA Today High School Baseball Player of the Year-2008
  • Didn’t attend college
  • Drafted in 2008 1st round 3rd pick


o Played 3 games for Idaho Falls- 2008

o Ranked best hitter for average- 2009

o Rookie of the moth Award-{JULY, SEPTEMBER}- 2011

o Gold Glove Award, First Basemen- 2013

o Royals player of the year- 2013

o Gold Glove, First Basemen-2014

o The American Amateur Baseball Congress Connie Mack MVP Award

o Started playing for royals: May 11 2008

o Finished 3rd in AL Rookie of the Year voting

Pregame Meal