Ancient Egypt

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Egyptian geography

The Egyptians had a very dry land but they had the Nile river. The Nile river protected then from invader because of the rapids and the mountains insured a little safety from land attacks. The Nile also gave them A little area to farm they only got to farm on 750 miles out of 4000 miles. It also flooded giving life to the bare land that's when they harvested the crops. It flooded once per year spring in the top part of Egypt it flooded in the fall for the lower half.

Social Hierarchy

The Egyptians had to a well thought out system so the pharaohs were there leader. They help with growing Egypt's defenses and making sure there is peace between the town and set up peace treaty's with other civilizations. Then there were the government officials and noble priests the government help plan out and lead as a second command in battle. The scribes were like writers writing laws that the pharaoh decrees. The merchants were traders exchanging goods like metals or food. Farmers planted and harvested crops that grew by the Nile river. Slaves and servants are at the very bottom they basically they did what they were told.


The Rostta stone

The Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta stone was a granodiorite that had writing on it the writing was decrees (laws). It also had writing in different languages Egyptian, Demotic and Greek. It was discovered 1779. During Napoleon took a Bonaparte's and a french solider

discovered the slab near the town of Rosetta.

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