The Hartmann Who! Week in Review

August 31 - September 4, 2015

Vocabulary Collections Due Tuesday, September 8th

Students should complete their first vocabulary collection by the time they return to school on Tuesday! Collections should be in their writer's notebooks and include the following two WOW (words of the week) that I gave them: adversary and trivial. Collections should also contain two .25 cent words of their choice, found from their independent reading. Collections should include the word spelled correctly, the part of speech, the definition, a "showing sentence", and an illustration! Collections should be colorful and creative!

9/11 Memorial Projects

Later this weekend, you will be receiving a separate newsletter regarding your student's first project in our ELA class. This project will be a response to literature, based on the children's book we read this week by Don Brown entitled, America is Under Attack.


Congratulations Emily and Thatcher!

We made it though our "Multiplication in 7 Days" with enormous success! Students took seven timed quizzes, I dropped their lowest score, averaged the rest, and entered it as a major grade. A special SHOUT OUT to Emily and Thatcher, they earned seven 100% scores!

Mean Score - 95.7

Median Score - 97.5

Mode Score - 100

Students should continue to study their facts, which can be found on the front of their fancy math folders. I'll give them notice when we will have a multiplication quiz!

Topic 4 Test on Track for Late Next Week

Topic 4: Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers includes lessons in mental math (doing math in your head), estimating, adding and subtracting whole numbers, and subtracting across zeros. Yesterday and today we focused on using notebook paper, turned horizontally, and using the columns to rewrite our problems to keep our place values straight. This strategy seemed to help our kids' slow down and not rush through what they thought were easy problems.