How To Defeat a Minotaur

By Maylah Cruz


The minotaur is a half men half bull which can kill with one charge. So if you want to live when you are with a minotaur will know what to do if you read this how to do guide.

How to deaeat a Minotaur

1. try to understand what kind of mood the monster is in.
2. if he looks like he is going to charge then move away to the side because the minotaur can't change directions.
3. then when he goes the other way then you run away if he gets in of time to follow you then go to a place that something is behind you then when it charges a gain then it will get hurt and fall down and it will take a wail to get back so you can run away.
4. if the minotaur is still in rage follow the instructions till he is down and you can run away can defeat a a minotaur with this process

A Minoutaurs Disadvantages and Advantages

The advantages is that it has a strong charge. Another advantage is that he has good smell senses and he is muscular.
the disadvantages of the minotaur is that it it can't see or smell and he has a ring on his nose so if you pull it hes nose will break.


  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
  • The Minotaur by BERNARD EVSLIN


I you are in a fight with a minotaur then follow these steps, then you will defeat a minotaur. If you are very scared then practice the steps so if you ever do have to fight a minotaur you will be ready to fight him if you don't need to if you are confident then you will succeed.