Top picks from the IE Communications Team - III week March

New world

JUNCAL: #museum

@Museums all around the world have joined an initiative known as #MuseumWeek. It's not as if @Twitter needs the promotion, but the institutions have found a valious tool. You can ask #questions to the #curators and put your #selfies there. Find more here

VERÓNICA: Resto-book

Someone is coming to see you and… where do I take them?! Do not panic, this website has the best places to eat and drink in the capital, complete with the menus and the best dishes of each of them. It will become your best friend! Here

YOLANDA: Welcome to the XXI century

After decades - and even centuries! - our most beloved quotes had to be modernized and brought to the XXI century. After all, what is life if not renovation? Find these hilarious remakes here.

And old world

GILL: Dear century old traditions

We all know British to have the silliest traditions - and an unhealthy affection for them - but some of them do really deserve a moment of reflexion. But weel, if there are people willing to endure them, and have fun in their own silly way... let them be! Find it here

FELIX: Do not say Fine!

How can the easy, non-comittal answer to one of the most basic questions in the world give so much trouble? Because trouble is what 'How are you?' causes between Americans and Russians. And why? Find it here.

And the people in them

GEOFFROY: New faces going strong

It’s now been one month since Jimmy Fallon replaced Jay Leno as host ofThe Tonight Show, and he’s doing better than NBC could have ever dreamed: keeping the show No. 1 in late-night US television while also dominating his competitors online. Find more here

MAITE: On migration

They had studies, knew languages and had worked in prestigious positions. But they decided to risk their lives by doing “the route” that took them from their countries to jump the fence in Melilla. Find about their lives long years after that here.

ROBERTO: 100% original

There seems to be a trend, nowadays, for home-made beers, or limited productions, very local. And Segovia was not going to let pass this chance, so find here the new beer 100% segovian, with a very appropiate name: San Frutos.

If you want, you can

MARTA: Always positive

Positive thinking is the key to face the difficulties life throws to us. “I know I can” can be as effective as any therapy in the world. They give you the strength to go on and to act, not to stay paralyzed in the same place. Here

ALEJANDRA: Little budget, amazing ad

That's what these young recent graduates have done with the brand 'Tesla' which they admire for its green vision. So they made a fake ad with a (very!) limited budget for the brand. The best? Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, loved it! Watch it here.

KERRY: Final Project

Well, if all senior thesis were this complicated, very few people would actually graduate! Find here the tale of the letter named I, and follow along as she journeys to discover her missing U.