Labor Day Deal

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Happy Labor Day!

Hi friends & family,

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me and Beautycounter over this last month! It's been really fun not only trying my hand at something new, but also watching friends and family around me choose to use & love Beautycounter, too. Thanks again for trying sometime new & joining this movement along with me :)

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Labor Day! I wanted to make you aware of a great deal happening now, but only until midnight.

If you order $150 in Beautycounter products TONIGHT, you will receive a FREE Nourishing Cleansing Balm (ordinarily $75).

*If you're like me and think "oh my, $150?!", you're not alone. But the following are a few great options that you could consider if you are wanting to make the switch to safer, everyday products:
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The above collection includes my personal favorites:
*Daily face wash
*Gentle exfoliator
*AM moisturizer
*PM moisturizer
*Anytime eye cream (great for puffy/ tired eyes)
*Rosewater spray (not featured above)

Or perhaps ...

*Kidscounter Bath Collection : shampoo / conditioner / body wash
*Body Collection : shampoo / conditioner / body wash / body lotion
*Citrus Mimosa : hand wash / hand cream set

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And finally...

If you are preparing to send your child to school tomorrow morning, or, like me, plan to go back to school yourself bright and early to teach; sometimes shopping makes the ending of summer a bit brighter... #justsayin :)

Also, good luck to all teachers, parents, and students tomorrow!!

Have a great night!