Third Grade Thinkers

Edition II: 2016-2017

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In reading this week, I am continuing to assess each student's book level with mClass and will hopefully be finished with each student by Friday. Also, we will begin working on standards 3.RI.1 and 3.RL.1 in which students are required to read a piece of text and go back and look for answers/validate where they find their answers. This is a strategy and skill that the students will need throughout the year, so we are spending a few days on this and giving lots of opportunities for practice!


I am introducing multiplication on Tuesday. We will first learn what multiplication is (repeated addition) and the ways to multiply (using a number line, arrays...). In the next few weeks, we will begin assessing math multiplication facts through the 12's. There will be a letter coming home to inform you when that will start and how that will be happening.


We finished our lowercase cursive today! Yay! Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will do a quick assessment of lowercase cursive in which each student will have to write about 10 words in cursive. I will be checking for correct letter formation and connections. This is something that is easily practiced at home. The following website shows the correct way to write cursive letters, in case you are unsure: .

Social Studies

We are continuing our focus on political and physical features of maps. We are also discussing the difference between absolute and relative locations.

What's Happening?

Tuesday, Sept. 27: Volunteer training at 4:30

Wednesday, Sept. 28: PTO meeting at 1:30

Wednesday, Sept. 28: Rachel's Challenge community event at MCPS 6:00-7:00

Friday, Sept. 30: Scholastic Book Order due

Who's the Top Banana?

Hannah is our Top Banana this week and she also has a birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Hannah!
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Classroom Needs

Here's a few things that we could use in the classroom if you're out and about and want to help out:

- Good pencil sharpener (ours is a bit old and gets tired and quits after a bit of sharpening)

- Candy for candy jar