Counselor Connection

December 2018/January 2019

Welcome to Stonewall Middle School's School Counseling Department Website!!!

If this is an emergency, please visit the Counseling Department immediately (or during the next school day). Parents should email their students' counselors to set up an appointment.

Useful Phone Numbers:

  • 1.800.SUICIDE (24 hour hotline): 1.800.784.2433
  • PWC Police Department Non-emergency Number: 703.792.6500
  • ACTS Helpline: 703.368.4141
  • Crisis Text Hotline: 703.940.0888
  • PWC Community Services: 703.792.7800
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.TALK (8255)
  • PWC Child Protective Services: 703.792.4200
  • 24 Hour Virginia Child Protective Services Hotline: 1.800.552.7096

Important Information

We are all excited for another school year! Counselors are available from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. All counselors and the registrar can all be reached by phone at 703.361.3185 or by email. Please do not hesitate to contact your student’s grade level counselor with any issues, questions, or concerns related to academics, personal/social, or scheduling.

Need to see your school counselor? Click on one of the links below to request an appointment with your grade level counselor.

Schedule Changes

Schedule change request forms are currently not being processed at this time due to it being more than four weeks in the school year. If you would like to the speak with your grade level school counselor about this, please sign up using the school counseling department iPad. The front office does not have any more schedule change forms available.
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High School Specialty Program Information

Colgan High School Center for Fine and Performing Arts Application deadline is December 10, 2018.

The High School Specialty Programs Application deadline is February 1, 2019.

Click on the link below to directly access PWCS High School Specialty Program Opportunities website.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are determined by the year a student entered the ninth grade for the first time. Please use the table below to access information about the graduation requirements for your student. Please contact your school counselor if you have further questions about graduation requirements and/or a graduation plan.

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Apps to Know About

It's so hard to keep up with the latest trends and to know which apps to watch out for. Most social media platforms require the user to be 13 years or older. Below are a few that we want to bring to your attention.

Did You Know?

Click on the picture for more information about teenage lingo.

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Interims, Report Cards, or Grades

Report cards will go home on Wednesday February 6, 2019. The second marking period and first semester will end on Friday January 25, 2019. The third marking period and second semester will begin on Tuesday January 29, 2019. You can access your student’s grades by accessing parent portal. To access Parent Portal use the following link: If you do not already have an account for the 2018-2019 school year, you will have to request an account. Your student has access and can login by using this website. Your student’s login is student ID# and password mmddyear without the dashes.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

If you have questions about your child’s grade, academic progress, or other questions please call or e-mail your student’s teacher with specific concerns. You can locate your student’s teachers email information on STMS webpage. If you would like to set up a parent teacher conference, please contact your child’s grade level counselor. You may also contact your child's teacher directly to set up a conference. If your student is a Special Education student, please contact your student’s case manager.


Stonewall Middle School now has a dedicated attendance to call in daily absences. The new attendance line number is 571.71.4233.

When calling, please be sure to leave your full name, relationship to student, the student’s full name, and the reason for the absence.

When your student misses school due to an absence and has seen a doctor, please bring a note when returning to school.

If your student is going to be absent for a planned trip, this requires written approval from our Principal, Mr. Miller. Please send in a written request before any trip is scheduled.

Notes from Ms. Escobar-Counseling Secretary & Registrar

Ms. Escobar is the secretary and registrar for the counseling department. She completes student registrations/withdrawals, updates emergency cards, records maintenance, and makes sure contact information is up to date. Please remember to let her know if you have any address, email, or telephone number changes, so that we can stay updated. It is imperative we have your most up-to-date information.

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"Helping Students Learn" Newsletter

These are monthly newsletters published by The Parent Institute in English and Spanish that may help parents take an active role in their child’s education. The newsletters provide specific information for parents of students at the elementary, middle, and high school level. The newsletters are available at the Student Services Website or (choose “The Parent Institute Newsletter” box.

Please see the links below for more information:

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Enrollment, New Students, and Transfers

If you are planning on registering and enrolling or transferring your student here to Stonewall Middle School, please contact Ms. Escobar our Counseling Secretary and Registrar to schedule an appointment. You can call her at 703.361.3185 or email her directly at We look forward to having your child or children here with us at Stonewall Middle School.

Click on the links below for registration forms and other information. You may come by and pick up the forms at our school ahead of time or print and complete these forms at home. Please bring the completed forms with you to your registration appointment.

PWCS Regulations on Enrollment, New Students, and Transfers

Below you will find information on PWCS Regulations on Student Registration, Residency, Age of Entrance, and Verification of Date of Birth.

Click on the link below regarding your desired information:


1. Get Organized
2. Don't multitask
3. Divide it up
4. Sleep
5. Set a schedule
6. Take notes
7. Study
8. Manage your study space

9. Find a study group
10. Ask questions