My Digital Portfolio

By Tierney Casper


In this portfolio I will share my top three favorite speeches, why I liked them, and what I learned from them.

Three parts of speech:

  • Informative- Informing on a certain topic, giving information
  • Persuasive- Persuading some one into believing what you think
  • Entertainment- Entertaining others by using humor

Persuasive Speech

My favorite speech that we did was the persuasive speech. For my topic I did biracial adoption. In this speech I gave advantages of biracial adoption, what people against the idea think, and some reason why we should open our minds to biracial adoption. From this speech I learned that biracial adoption has way more advantages than disadvantages, such as bringing diversity into families.
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Informative Speech (Colleges)

For this speech I researched three colleges that I am interested in going to. I researched, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Wayne State College, and University of Nebraska Wesleyan. This speech was helpful, considering I only have one year of high school left. This gave me the opportunity to get a head start on my college search and class time to do it.

Informative Speech (Careers)

I liked this speech because I had the chance to research performing, a career that I am thinking about going into. I learned about what college education is required, pay, benefits and disadvantages.


I really enjoy coming to speech class each day! My class mates and teacher make each day different and exciting! Something new I have learned is how to have a formal debate. The class is going well and I look forward to the rest of the year!