The chosen one

Carol lynch williams

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Book Review By Keunica Rice

Can you Imagine being 15 with no freedom? of course 15 year old girls aren't going to be out at all hours of the night but anything was considered freedom to Leigh. She lived in a compound with her mom and sisters. although Her dad has 7 wives and altogether there are 22 children. Leigh is the oldest girl and they expect her to be the role model in her little sisters lives. She has a very strict religion. She isn't suppose to read any other books besides the bible, she's told who to marry, and she has to be told what she's going to do in her life.

Leigh was figuring her parents out. She observed every mother when she went by their compounds. She started to question her religion and go against her faith. Everyday she would walk out of her compound gate just so she could feel that little bit of freedom. One day she got a surprise when she saw a portable library. She knew in her heart that she was not allowed to read other books besides the bible. She would go to tree for comfort and support because she would get in trouble if she talked to any mother about her feelings. And she knew that her brother and sisters would judge her on her actions.

She enjoyed going to church and playing piano, only because she started liking a boy that lives in one of the compound. Liking boys is suppose to be a big thing when you're a teenager. She's been having thoughts of a regular teenager like running away, Will she voice her opinion ever? Will she be Judged?

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