The Boulevard Beat

A Monthly Newsletter from SBS - November 2014 Edition

The Principal's Place

Welcome back to the Boulevard Beat! We've accomplished a lot since the original issue debuted about a month ago. In addition to celebrating our daily learning and accomplishments, we've enjoyed Harvest Night, Halloween and HOPE Week, all of which generated exceptional feelings of community spirit. With every turn, there is a reminder of just how special this community is!

This month I'd like to highlight some new additions to SBS, courtesy of our 2013-14 PTO gift. Our adjustable height furniture (pictured) is here, and has been a BIG hit so far among students, parents and staff. Simply put, the adjustable height desks and stools allow for students to comfortably sit or stand, and more importantly, move while they work. The desks include a swinging footrest bar attached to the lower front, allowing for students to rest a foot on it and to swing the foot while working. The supporting research suggests that the option to stand and/or be in controlled motion increases the students' ability to focus. There are other benefits cited that are specific to students with ADHD, as well as improved posture and calorie burn. There is currently one adjustable height desk and stool in all second and third grade classrooms. Our kindergarten and first grade classrooms are now equipped with ball chairs as a result the same generous PTO gift. The ball chairs are small enough to fit underneath a standard desk or table, yet allow for the students to bounce, move or shift comfortably while working. The feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am planning to work on securing more of this type of furniture for our students in the future. Click the buttons below for more information and video demonstrations of the new furniture.

As we kick off the Holiday Season with Thanksgiving only a few days away, I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude for all of your support. I wish each of you a Happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Robert Gardella

SBS Principal

The Nurse's Nook

Both flu season and travel season are around the corner. Please help us to ensure the safety of your child and all others by following the proper procedures for reporting absences and late arrivals to school.

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Counseling Connection

We have had an exciting beginning this year! The children have participated in classroom and all-school activities, promoting qualities that enhance the educational experience while building social skills that are developmentally appropriate. In September, I visited each class to meet and greet the students, explaining that I would be visiting their classes with lessons and I will also be visiting their classes to assist and add to existing lessons. I explained that the counselor can help with social and emotional issues, but that counselors are involved in lots of areas of school and not just about problems!

During October, we focused on the trait of respect through the concepts of acceptance and tolerance of differences. In most classes we created class booklets generated from the lesson, called, We All Want to be Accepted. Our all-school activity of creating Pinwheel Promises was spectacular and gave us a strong beginning as students wrote down ways they will show that they accept each other’s differences. I focused on the concept that when one feels accepted, it means they feel they belong. I explain that in

tolerating differences, we help everyone feel they belong to our community. This topic naturally grew into the trait for November, which was about caring and how giving to others is a conscious act of caring. We are creating class booklets, We Can Show we Care; my class counseling lessons are focusing on the three different ways we can show we care, such as through giving things, time, and talent/skills.

The students gave their time this week during HOPE Week, when they helped to fill boxes of needed items for families in financial need, and in creating the blankets for children in need of supportive love. In the area of giving talent or skills, I explained to students that they can show they care through helping others with a skill or talent they have; for example, if they are good at drawing, they can help someone learn how to draw, or if they are good at cheering someone up through smiling and including the person in activities, that is a conscious act of caring. As usual, I continue to offer individual and group support, to help students learn to live peacefully with each other, and themselves, through a growing awareness of self and others.

Look for monthly home updates that will be starting in December about the classroom counselings! As always, please contact me if you would like to discuss any issues. You can reach me through email at, or via phone at 973.457.2509, ext. 6018.

The Library Lowdown

Author's Day with Nick Bruel was fantastic! The students and staff enjoyed his visit immensely! Congratulations to Livia Profacci ,3rd grader whose winning design was chosen for our button contest. Thank you to our P.T.O. for planning, preparing, and funding this long-standing SBS tradition! Special thanks to our P.T.O. Author's Day Committee--Krista Carracciolo,Elisa DiMaio,Amy Duechler, Michelle McDermott, Lauren Mulligan, Laura Nejes, LaRease Profaci,and Vanessa Simonetti for all their time, hard work, dedication, and creativity! We have a few autographed Nick Bruel books($15 each) available for purchase if anyone is interested. Please make checks out to the SBS P.T.O. Please stop by the library and see Mr. D'Aloia.

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VETERAN'S DAY EVENT- Thank you to Mrs. Hartzell and the Chatham Pack 24 Wolf Scouts for the amazing ceremony honoring our veterans. Thank you to Den 4 scouts for raising the American flag, to the scouts who spoke about Veteran's Day, and to those who introduced our visiting veterans, Anthony Palmieri, Walt Zimmerman,Jim Rocca, Tom Burns, Tracy Press, and Jame McGoonan. Thank you for your service to our country!

Mr. D'Aloia

The Design Den

Welcome Families, to the Design Den! What has been happening in Design and Technology this month?

  • 3rd Grade: Using Google Drawings, students have created digital drawings of the modifications they made to their “smart” device. Ask your child about Google Drawings and how they drew their designs on the computer.

  • 2nd Grade: Students have designed and constructed a house for the Fourth Little Piggy and are now creating an advertisement to persuade the Fourth Little Piggy to buy their house. Ask your child what they included in their advertisement to persuade the Fourth Little Piggy to buy their house.

  • 1st Grade: Students are learning about agriculture and biotechnology. They are exploring where food comes from and how it gets to their plate at home. Ask your child to name some of the food in your kitchen or pantry that comes from a farm.

  • Kindergarten: Students are learning about animal habitats and how animals survive in their specific habitat. Ask your child about the five things an animal needs to survive in a habitat.

I want to personally thank the parent community at SBS for their response to my request for donations for the Design and Technology classroom. It is because of your support that I have received enough supplies to last a long while and I ask that you please hold on to any additional items for now. Thank you again for your support of Design and Technology!

Ms. Stojanov (Ms. S)


Our next PTO meeting is in January, there is no meeting in December.

Thank you again for all of your contributions to H.O.P.E. Week. Be sure to visit the SBS Press section below for links to media coverage, and information about future media coverage.

Coming soon...The Hour of Code!

SBS is proud to be participating for its second year in National Computer Science Education Week, December 8-14, 2014. The goal of Computer Science Education Week is to make computer science more accessible to students by introducing programming to them in a fun and interesting way. The highlight of the week is the Hour of Code, where students will be introduced to coding in a fun and accessible way. The Media Center will showcase computer and technology-related books and activities throughout the week. Also, check out the display case by the front office to see a robot designed by students in the third grade Lego Robotics enrichment class. Families will receive information on the coding the students did at school and resources for educational computer science-related activities that kids can easily do at home. Visit to find more information on Hour of Code and try the new Frozen program. Help Elsa and Anna skate across an ice rink, and write code that will direct the princesses to create patterns in the ice!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A Look Back...

Halloween has alway been an exciting time of year for our SBS students....with the Halloween Parade being a huge part of the SBS tradition. Check out the photos below to see how the times have changed.

Dinnertime Conversations...

Tired of the same old responses when you ask your children how their day went? Check in here for some conversation starters!

Ask your kindergartner:

1. What is the difference between fewer and more?

2. Can you spell the words "no" and "can?"

3. What does the word "hope" mean?

Ask Your first grader:

1. How can looking at the pictures in a book help you understand what happens in the story?

2. What centers are you doing this week? What is your favorite and why?

3. What does it mean to add? Can you show me an example and explain?

Ask your second grader:

1. What are some features in a NF text?

2. After experiencing the first Second Step lesson, what strategies can you use to focus both at home and at school?

3. What different strategies can you use when adding two-digit numbers?

Ask you third grader:

1. What is a stop and jot? What are some recent stop and jots that you have


2. What was your favorite part of the Winakung Village class trip?

3. How are multiplication and division related?

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