Influenza (flu)


What is an cause of Influenza?


Is the disease infectous or non-infectous?


What are the symptoms of the disease?

Fever over 100 degrees,Aching mucles especially in back,arms,and legs,also chills,sweating,headache,dry cough,weakness,nasal conjection,sneezing and sore throat

Ways you can prevent yourself from getting the disease...

Wash your hands,contain your coughs,sneezes,and avoid crowds

Who is more likely to get the disease?

Younger children,Adults older than 65,pregant women,people with weakend immune systems,people who have chronic illnesses

2 instreasting facts about Influenza...

- High risk of children and adults may develop complication such as; Pneumonia,Bronchitis,Asthhma flare-ups,sinus infections,ear infections
-The vaccine injection that the nurses or docters put in you for the flu is bassically nasal spray