NEWS from the S.S. Noah

Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

October 12, 2015

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead


Fabulous Fall Foliage & Tremendous Trees


As autumn arrives, numerous opportunities to write and read “fall” right into kindergarten. A class book will be made as an innovation of Brown Bear, Brown Bear—“Red Leaf, Red Leaf, What Do You See? I see a brown branch looking at me!” This book helps us not only learn the parts of a tree but will build our reading confidence.

Repetition is important for beginning readers. We will continue to use our color words in class. The repeated practice of color word recognition assures retention of these sight words.

Fall Leaves Fall


  • Sorting leaves by attributes will not only strengthen our math skills, but will help develop our powers of observation and build vocabulary.
  • A “Fall Leaves Me Happy” book of our math stories will be made. The stories will be recorded as the children use tree mats to tell number stories about falling leaves.
  • We have just begun our pattern tubs. Sorting is very important to the concept of pattern. You must be able to name attributes of an object in order to be able to pattern with the object. Speaking math and thinking math develop concepts. Pattern is a vital piece of the math pie.
  • Our Math in Focus continues to work on numbers 6-10. It is very important for children to be able to understand the many parts that make up each number. We are at work on a number book that helps children begin to visualize and remember the combinations that make up each number from 6-10.

Leaf Hunt

Star of the Week--CALEB COMSTOCK

Congratulations to our Super Star, Caleb Comstock! We hope you have a fun week as the Star. There are many things that Caleb likes----Legos, math, basketball, and trains. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza. He also is a great fan of chocolate ice cream. Way to go, Caleb!

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday, October 13 - Sharon Wood Field Trip

Please check the note coming home Monday. There is some very important, last minute reminders.

Tuesday, October 13 - Picture Make Ups

Thursday, October 15 - Camping Day

Wednesday, October 20 - PJ Day

Wednesday, October 21 - Cosi

( volunteers still needed)

Monday, October 26 - Nocturnal Rotations

Wednesday, October 28 - Parent Teacher Conferences


Thursday, October 29 - Parent Teacher Conferences


October 28-November 2 - No School for students

School resumes November 3rd.


Dear Families,

I hope that you had a great time at the Homecoming Festival! I am sure great family memories were made there. If you have any fun pictures, please send them to me or post them on Shutterfly.

This will be a busy week as well. With a field trip and a fun camping day on Thursday ( please see the note that I will email to you today) the week is filled.

I do want to brag a little bit on our class! They have won the Golden Spoon for two consecutive times (meaning for 4 weeks). Wow! That is an accomplishment that takes self-control and lots of good choices. When that happens in our class, I have offered some fun incentives--a pj day at school, popcorn party, a bring your favorite board game to school day, etc. The children have chosen a PJ Day at school. Next week is filled. We will try for October 20th. I will send more information about that day next week. Our class received an extra recess, thanks to Mrs. Tate, for their accomplishment and enjoyed it last Thursday. We have also filled our class marbles jar with our good choices and will receive another extra recess. Super!

As you can see from the above paragraph, this class is learning to work together and becoming leaders! That kind of learning thrills my heart!