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New Rules For School Snack Foods Announced In USA


Summary: The USDA ( U.S Department of Agriculture) has proposed new standards for school snacks, their purpose is to ensure that kids have healthy snacks during lunchtime. This proposal applies to snacks and beverages. Some highlights that apply to this proposal are;

1. Healthy snack foods (whole grains, low fat dairy products, fruit, veggies, etc) should be more encouraged in school.

2. Foods we should avoid, should be reduced (high on fat, sugar and sodium).

3. A full 12 months after this rule has been applied will be provided so that the students can adapt to the new change.

The purpose of this plan is to set up a national baseline of these standards, so that the general health and nutrition of children will improve at a national level.

Opinion: We believe that this is a good idea because it will reduce the chances of students to be tempted to buy unhealthy snacks during school. And it is an effort in their part to address the growing problem of obesity and overweight among the country. It is also interesting that an organization of people is concerned about the health of us, the students, and come up with a possible solution to reduce our temptations towards unhealthy snacks, when our parents (in general) should be the ones concerning over the health of us.

♪ ♫ Spotify's top workout tracks ♪ ♫


Summary: Studies have shown that when working out and listening to music at the same time can make it seem like time is going by faster, boost your spirit, distract you from stress or fatigue, and increase your workout intensity. Exercise expert says " Music is like a legal drug for athletes, and increase endurance as much as 15%." to the American Council on Exercise. On spotify, users have created more than 2.8 million "workout" playlists on this music service. The top tracks that got gym goers moving have already been released by Spotify. Some released tracks are;

1. Die young ( Ke$ha)

2. Scream & Shout (, Britney Spears)

3. Don't you worry child ( Swedish House Mafia )

4. Unbreakable ( Michael Jackson )

5. Get Right ( Ledisi )

Workout tracks vary on the user's preference.

Opinion: Personally, I agree with this article because I feel like when working out I need a track playing in the background that motivates and enables me to keep going. I also agree with Costas Karageorghis, exercise expert, when he mentioned that music can be considered as an illegal drug because during most times it allows me to want to keep working out. I believe music an excellent device to use during this time!

Deaths linked to the energy drink "Monster"

Summary: Lately and increasingly, a high number of Americans have been consuming one of the most popular energy drinks "Monster". This product has been linked to 5 deaths and 1 heart attack. Wondering, " How much caffeine is too much?" The FDA has reported that they are diligently investigating this case. Then 14 year old, Wendy Crossland, is one of the linked deaths to this product.Comparing this product to other caffeine products, Monster is at the top with coke only containing 35 mg of caffeine, starbucks - 150, while Monster is at 160 mg. This product could be considered as a health risk to people who are unhealthy.

Opinion: Personally, I wouldn't want to consume this beverage because I wouldn't like knowing that there is a high amount of caffeine and a health risk. In general, my family & friends don't like to drink this product which I consider a good thing, and I don't think people should be drinking this because there's other (better) products out there that can help them stay awake and such.

Energy Drink Health Risks: "Monster" Drinks Allegedly to Blame in Anais Fournier Heart Attack Death

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Exercise Ideas

The "100" Workout

This is a very simple and efficient way for your daily exercise routine:

1. 100 jumping jacks

2. 90 crunches

3. 80 squats

4. 70 leg lifts

5. 60 jumping jacks

6. 50 crunches

7. 40 squats

8. 30 leg lifts

9. 20 jumping jacks

10. 10 minute run

Dumbbell lifting . . . while watching tv? !

If you're sitting down watching t.v, doing absolutely nothing, why not add some workout into it? You can just stand in front of the t.v with a set of dumbbells and start working out! It may not sound so fun at first, but it will be a blast at the end and you'll feel good about it!

This is extremely simple way to start off...

15+ sets of 10 on each hand

Big image

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun.

Riding your bike!

Did you know that riding your bike could be counted as an exercise? Probably one of the funnest activities when wanting to do light cardio. It is really relaxing and fun!

Watch Amy ride her bike!

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