5th Grade News

For the Week of January 11-15

Learning Objectives

Reading and Language Arts

  • Reading - Central Idea
  • Writing - creating a thesis and drafting an informational article
  • ***Grammar Quiz on Wednesday, January 13 (collective nouns)
  • ***Reading DLA on Thursday, January 14***


  • Changing landforms


  • Personal Financial Literacy, including taxes and income

  • ***Personal Financial Literacy assessment on Wednesday, January 13***

Social Studies

  • Manifest Destiny and Westward Expansion
  • ***Manifest Destiny Assessment on Tuesday, January 12 (open book and open note)***


Math: Balancing a Budget

Reading: See Canvas

Science: Water Cycle Model

Information and News

Upcoming Events:

Day of Service - January 15

Open House - January 28

Important Information:

If possible, we would like our kids to bring a package tissue paper (any color) and a package of pipe cleaners (any color). This will be used for our January 2016 Day of Service Project (January 15). Please have your child bring it to school by Tuesday, January 12. Thank you for your cooperation!

We will be reading to Kindergarten on Friday, January 15 for our Day of Service. Your child is invited to bring their favorite picture book on that day to read to a group of kindergartners.

On January 15, 2016, the Specials Team will all come together alongside our TWE students to help out those in need of athletic shoes. We are asking for gently used or new athletic shoes to be donated to a local charity. If you are able to donate, please have your student bring the shoes to their Specials (PE, Art, or Music) only on Friday, January 15. We will box them up to be donated and will discuss the need of athletic shoes for others in our community. After discussing the needs of others, we will go on a think walk outside to be able to think about how our donation will help out those in need and what a difference one pair of athletic shoes can make in the life of one without shoes.

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