Technology Lessons

Learn to use our modern day tech in a easy and intuitive way

What is there to learn?

We are one of the most well known and most trusted technology schools in all of Toronto and Mississauga. Our technology program has lots to offer! You can start from the basics, learning about the basic functions of a computer, to learning about programming and programming languages such as C++! We also teach other types of technology such as how to use mobile operating systems, mixers, and much more!

Once you've learned the basics of what you've set out for in our classes, we have levels to upgrade your difficulty, and the further you get, the higher your difficulty level becomes.

We also build custom computers and other custom technology for a cheaper than retail price when compared to other products in our market today, if interested.

More Info

School hours: You can choose from three times which are 12-3, 3-6, or 6-9.

The price for our program depends on what you`re interested in learning, contact for more information.