Help Students And Bullies

Help students to keep trying and bullies to be positive.

Our Special Day is Coming Soon!

We would like to help students to be confident and keep trying. Also, we would like bullies to gain some positive energy. It's very important because we all want a positive environment for students and bullies that are facing problems.

Students And Bullies Become One

Saturday, March 8th, 1:15pm

Regency Park, Yuba City, CA, United States

Yuba City, CA

It's a one day event. We will be having different stands and you may come to each one. All the stands help you with your problems. We will have snacks and some time at the end to just have fun in the park.

1:15pm - Come and have some refreshments.

1:45pm - Start learning at the different stands.

*Switch stands every 30 minutes

4:45 - Watch a short film

5:45 - End Event but you may still stay to just have fun in the park

Come Now!

Please come so, you all can be safe. If any bully is hurting you or you are the bully and you have something that's disturbing you, come and we would love to listen to your problems and we will solve them.