Ms. Kilar's Class

Friday, Feb. 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Party - Feb. 12

  • Students should be working on Valentine Boxes (they don't have to be fancy) and Valentines for their classmates at home.
  • Our morning on 2/12 will be our normal routine.
  • Students will exchange Valentine's from 12-1.
  • At 1pm we will walk up to Kiwanis and sled.
  • Students are welcome to bring their own sled.
  • We will sled and have pizza and snacks from 1-2:40 up at Kiwanis.
  • If you are available to help chaperone please let me know.
  • I'm still looking for someone to make cookies or cupcakes as a treat for our card exchange that day. If you are able to do that please let me know.


This week in reading students worked on nonfiction text structures. We learned about how some nonfiction texts are written in a descriptive format and some are written in chronological order. We continue to revisit finding main ideas and supporting details and identifying text features.


Students worked on revising, editing and writing the final drafts of their persuasive essays. Then when they were finished, they made persuasive commercials using iMovie to go with their essays. I hope to have them out in the hallway next week.


This week students learned how to divide tens, hundreds, and thousands using basic facts; they learned how to estimate quotients using compatible numbers; and they used the distributive property to find quotients. They also solved many very challenging word problems using these division strategies.

Homework: Lesson 4.4 & Lesson 4.5


We finished our energy investigation with our zip straws this week and discussed, how energy is transferred by colliding objects. We also focused on how energy can collide to produce sound, light and heat energy. We are creating an "energy flip book" about these concepts.

Social Studies

This week in social studies students learned about economic incentives to encourage people to buy things. We also talked about economic push and pull factors as people locate work around our country. We talked about this in relation to copper mining in the Upper Peninsula.

Reminder: Students should be working on their mini-society products at home. I recommend that they have a minimum of 15-20 products to sell. Mini-society is on Friday, Feb. 27 from 1:30-2:30. Students will be setting up just after 1 and then they are open for business at 1:30.

Wish List

  • Large Paper Plates
  • Napkins
  • Juice Boxes - by Thursday for the sledding party


  • Homework: Lesson 4.4 & Lesson 4.5
  • Spelling: Worksheet and spelling list
  • Spelling test will be on Thursday, Feb. 12
  • Grammar: Worksheet

Specials Schedule

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - P.E.
  • Wednesday - Library and Music
  • Thursday - Art
  • Friday - No School

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, Feb. 12 - Valentine's Party and Sledding
  • Friday, Feb. 13 - No School
  • Monday, Feb. 16 - No School
  • Wednesday, Feb. 18 - Mackinac State Historic Parks Presentation
  • Friday, Feb. 27 - 4th Grade Mini-Society
  • Monday, March 3 - Classroom Book Battle - Students must have 3 books finished

Battle of the Books

This week we started our winter reading challenge, Battle of the Books. Students were presented with the challenge yesterday in an all 4th grade assembly. There are eight books to chose from, and students are required to read a minimum of three by the end of March. Students should have all gotten a book on Thursday and will be coming home with a book this weekend.

Please see the letter in the Friday folder about Battle of the Books.