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FMS 7th Grade Newsletter: Week of April 13-17


Hello from ELA! We trust that you and your family are doing well. While students are working from home, please make sure they are reading 45 minutes or more each day. We want those reading skills to be on point when we go back to school. Also, please encourage your child to be checking Google Classroom for announcements, check-in forms, and review work. In addition, each ELA teacher has been hosting Google Meets so please encourage your student to join!

Right now there are many objectives students can choose from to review and other resources to help which can be found here

We miss all of you so much and love to hear from you, so please keep reaching out!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Mrs. Hapner:

Ms. Evangelista:

Ms. Rhoades:


As we enter this third week of this closure, we want to thank you for all you are doing at home to help our shared students during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We miss you all. We look forward to seeing our students again.

To help stay connected, we will be sending out a Google Form on Google classroom to students each Monday. Please encourage your student to respond to this.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00 p.m., we will be hosting a Gimkit game where students can answer math questions in a multiple choice format. These are optional, but feedback from students has been that it is a fun way to practice.

On April 14th and April 16th, the Gimkits will be over inverse operations and the first step to solving equations. They will be two different Gimkits, and will take only 10 minutes each, so your student may join both! Check out our resources on Review, Reinforce, and Enrich for Unit 6 and our Padlet to review before the Gimkit.

We are glad to give your student feedback on tasks and projects they are completing at home. They can send us pictures or screenshots of their work (putting them on a Google Doc is the easiest way for us to add comments). Students may also enter equations into MathPapa to check their answers.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact:

Ms. Hassinger:

Ms. Barker:

You may also reach out to us via the Remind app. Students can also download this app and login with their school email to be able to communicate with teachers.

Power Standard for Unit 5:

7.NS.A.3 - Solve problems involving the four arithmetic operations with rational numbers.

Power Standards for Unit 6:

7.EEI.B.4 - Write and/or solve linear equations and inequalities in one variable.

7.EEI.A.1 - Apply properties of operations to simplify and to factor linear algebraic expressions with rational coefficients.

Life Science

This week we will continue our theme of ecology, but focus in on the topic of symbiosis. There will be a Legends of Learning playlist that is accessible through your Google Classroom, as well as an interactive activity for students to do.

Don't forget to visit our 7th grade science district COVID-19 website for more resources and updates. We miss you all!!

Please email your teacher if you have any questions!

Ms. Simon (

Miss Keith (

Social Studies

As we enter the third week of this closure, I want to take the time to thank you for all you are doing. This type of learning is new for all of us and we appreciate your patience, understanding, and flexibility during this time. We miss all of our students and we hope they are staying safe.

Our goal for learning social studies is to review, reinforce, and enrich while maintaining relationships. Each week students will be given a google form to fill out as a weekly check-in. Videos and new activities will be posted in Google Classroom for students to do as needed. Please reach out if you need anything at all.

Take care and stay safe,

Heather Yates -

Lara Brunk -

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