Hitler Youth Chapter 10

"I could not help but cry"

April 30, 1945

The Soviets had overrun Berlin, and Hitler was dead.

May 7, 1945

Germany surrendered, and the Allies rounded up Nazi officers to stand trial for inhuman actions.

November 1945

The International Military Tribunal, also known as the four-judge court, began to hear evidence for the cases.


West Germany became an independent state ruled by a democratic form of government.

Between 1945 & 1962

There were de-Nazification trials for Hitler Youth and other Nazi parties


Eichmann, an SS official responsible for deportation of Jews, escaped and then was again found guilty and hung.

Around the same time, Hitler Youth was shown films of what happened in the camps.


East and West Germany were united as one country.


"In October 1932, when Adolf Hitler praised the Hitler Youth for their loyalty, bravery, and readiness to create a new Germany, he asked them, "What can happen to a people whose youth sacrifice everything in order to serve its great ideals?"

On that day, no one could have predicted the answer to that question. No one could have predicted the extent and degree to which a person such as Adolf Hitler could exploit the idealism of children and teenagers.

Sixty years have passed since the bloodiest war in history ended. Some people wonder: Could another despot like Hitler rise to power on the shoulders of young people?

Only young people today can answer that question. What are you willing to do to prevent such a shadow form falling over you and others?"

- last paragraph of the chapter