Code of Ethics

Lauren Walls :)


  • Honesty is telling the truth no matter what.
  • Example: If you didn't do your homework instead of making an excuse to why you didn't do your homework just tell your teacher right away.


  • Integrity is treating people fairly and following the rules.
  • Example: If you don't like someone and their on your basketball team, pass the ball to them even if their mean to you.


  • Confidentiality is the ability to keep a secret a secret.
  • Example: If you go to the doctor's office and you have some sickness, the doctors not allowed to tell the front desk lady what you have.


  • Responsibility is doing what someone asks of you.
  • Example: when your mom tells you to clean your room and take the trash out before she gets back from the store.


  • Courage is having the ability to stand up for what is right or what you believe in.
  • Example: The debate about abortion. If you say no to abortion and speak about it that is having courage.