Crystal Glenn

BA Sociology

A little bit about me...

I am 30yrs old and have been married now for 4/7 years with 3 children. ‘Country’ runs strong in my beliefs and I rarely wear shoes. My goal is to be involved in reentry programs involving cognitive behavior for people coming from institutions; especially struggling young people, with the goal of them finding a true joy to living a healthy life style. Being a mentor, to me, is like giving without expecting anything in return and this process works to train my heart and mind to the genuine process of helping others. With all that I have going on daily, the most prominent key to my success is simplifying how I live and lots of meditation to quiet the mind. I keep available various songs I turn on when I need to separate from outside task and focus on school work or other duties needing my ‘all attention’. I strive to be practical, and reevaluate my motives often and I am always looking to be inspired by a video, a book, a story or a conversation with another person as this works to build me up when I am running low.