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National Partnerships - Improving literacy teaching and learning

Dear Collegues,

Every month until the end of the year I will send out a newsletter simialr to this to keep you up to date with the activities and initiatives related to National Partnerships. Everything in the newsletter will also be communicated in Staff Communication Meetings.

Week 4

Literacy Consultant

On Tuesday, Gabrielle and I met with Colleen Potter, Literacy Consultant. She is very enthusiastic to work with us on building our knowledge of the Literacy Continuum and working on some collaborative programs.

We are also investigating some options for Colleen to work on teaching comprehension strategies with K - 2 teachers. This is something many of you have specifically requested working on and so it’s very exciting to be engaging in this type of professional learning.

Week 7

Cycle 2 Begins!

The Planning Phase of Cycle 2 - National Partnerships will begin in week 7.

The week will run in a similar fashion to the first cycle. Each stage will be allocated a day to work as a team on examining our 'Visual Plotting' on the Literacy Continuum, working on assessment strategies and collaborative planning. Colleen Potter will be joining stage teams to support and facilitate professional learning.

Cycle 2 - Planning Phase

Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 9am to Friday, Aug. 30th 2013 at 3pm

27-29 Pendle Way

Pendle Hill, NSW

Details on allocated days for each stage to come.

Week 9/ 10

Implement & Reflect Phases

In weeks 9/10 we will complete the Implement Phase, with peer teachers observing lessons, which is followed by the Reflection Phase.

Don't forget to complete the REFLECTION SHEET for Cycle One!