Factory Conditions

Not so great conditions for factory workers

Child Labor: The Start

When the industrial revolution first came to Britain and the U.S., there was a high demand for labor. Families quickly migrated from the rural farm areas to the newly industrialized cities to find work. Once they got there, things did not look as bright as they did. To survive in even the lowest level of poverty, families had to have every able member of the family go to work. This led to the high rise in child labor in factories. Children were not treated well, overworked, and underpaid for a long time before anyone tried to change things for them.

Factory Conditons

The Conditions

This is some information about what went on with the factory workers during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800′s. The conditions in factories during the Industrial Revolution were very bad for the people during that time. The factories lacked many things that were beneficial to the people and the health department today would be all over it.The Health conditions in the factories were brutal, completely unsanitary. People were constantly sick in them and sickness spread so quickly. There were also many accidents in the factories during the time due to the early machinery. It would usually end up being fatal and one worker died at least every other day in the factories.