My house

Starting price 620 000$

Nice house

It's a very nice house, with a garage outside, a big large lawn.

The picture under, is inside the house

It also got a place to hide from your wife and drink some beer with your friends!

The picture under is how it looked 10 years ago when it was new built!! It hasn't changed a bit in the last years!

More info

Just 1 kilometer away there starts a highway, which goes into the city. Here in Tahult, there is a lot of horses! So it's very good for you who likes riding!

It also got a fruit store 100meters away -->

It is 1% sure it's not rotten! So buy it TODAY! (*Read the Terms and condition for more info)


Just 10miles away, there is a train station. Tho, you're going there on your own risk. If the train crashes it's your fault.

There is also a bus station, who a home less guy drives everyday. It's 100% free, but riding it on your own risk. He stops where he wants to. There is no stations. Only two, one at the start, there the bus starts, and the end point is 30miles away.

Down below there is a picture of the start bus station!

In this house, there is a paper house, who is married with house!

Contact us

We are a company, called Swedish Drug Dealers. Contact us if you want to know anything.

Also, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.

Terms and condition

When buying this house, you agree with...:

That the house may be rotten.

That you can get scammed.

If you find any guns, it's yours, not ours.

If you find any drugs, it's yours, and you're risking to goto jail.

If you fall into a trap, it's your fault, we won't pay for insurance.