The Spanish-American War

By: Adam Bier

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor, I believe that the events in Cuba are absolutely awful. However, I believe that some of the details and "facts" that you include may be grossly exaggerated. Yes thousands of people have died and been distressed but it is almost impossible to know the true facts. How do you know exactly what is going on or how Cuba is doing? Everything that you know is spread by word or opinion and not actually filtered to what is fiction and fact. The worst parts of the Cuban crisis in my opinion would lay in the re-concentration camps instead of the actual battlefield. These camps may hold actual facts instead of the war stories you have been hearing,

The de Lȏme Letter

The great nation of the United States has been violated, and shammed by the rivaling country of Spain. Recently a letter was intercepted that mocked our President. The letter describes us as weak and crippled. Also, the battleship Maine, that was recently sent to Cuba to offer security was blown up! This cannot stand. Spain has made fun of us and killed our military men! Unacceptable. If this is how the US reacts to Spain it will reflect us to the rest of the world.
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On the Battlefront

Good news from the battlefront! Our forces have struck strategic victories at San Juan and at sea. Our naval forces have taken out almost the whole Spanish fleet stationed at Cuba. Apart from our naval victories, our ground forces have taken over San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill. However, we haven substantial loses of around 5.5 thousand soldiers. Our rough riders helped insure victory by attacking with guns drawn on horses.
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Political Cartoons

Portrayed in the picture are symbols of America taking Cuba and other areas. This depicts the ideas of imperialism that America had during the time period. This was stopped by the Platt Amendment which returned US soldiers from Cuba. This was supported by the Anti-Imperialist since they wanted to remain neutral and keep their boundaries.This was highly supported after the Cuban fights since many soldiers died.