Anatomy Journal Club

Let's talk about what's new in anatomical science.

Dear MSMHA Students,

Welcome to the Anatomy Journal Club! We cordially invite you to participate in this new campus activity. Please see additional details below. We will also be present at the beginning of Dr. Lee’s class on Tuesday, January 29th 2013 to answer any questions you may have.


Faculty organizers: Dr. Mike Pascoe, Dr. Lisa Lee, Dr. Danielle Royer

Students: You! While we hope to grow the club in the future, for now we are only extending an invitation to the MSMHA class.


An informal gathering to discuss anatomical sciences. A new article will be the focus of our discussion at each Club meeting.


A table has been reserved at Cedar Creek Pub (across the street from the Health Sciences Library on campus).

Thursday, Jan. 31st 2013 at 3:30-5pm

2100 North Ursula Street

Aurora, CO


Last Thursday of the month, 3:30-5pm. This semester, we’ll meet on the following dates (unless otherwise noted): January 31st, February 28th, March 28th, April 25th

I’m already busy! What’s in it for me?

• Keep up with current literature

• Exposure to new topics that might lead to a project or research idea

• Develop skills in public speaking and critical thinking

• Build confidence in discussing anatomical sciences at a professional level

• Meet with MSMHA faculty in an informal, low stakes setting -- great for networking!

• FREE tasty appetizers! Beverages are your responsibility.

Sounds interesting! But how much work is it really going to be?

In advance of each Club meeting, you should:

  • Track down a PDF of the paper, we want you to be comfortable retrieving articles from the web using your campus resources (let us know if you need help).
  • Read the paper. It will be distributed to you at least 1 week in advance
  • Prepare at least 2 questions/points of discussion based on your reading
  • Be prepared to discuss the paper and topic

I’m in! Now what?

The paper selected for our 1st Club meeting on Jan 31 is:

YouTube: An emerging tool in anatomy education.

Big image

A sample YouTube video by the article author Dr. Akram Jaffar

Anatomy of the inguinal region, simplified

Discuss anatomy with these top instructors: