Healthy Weight for a Lifetime

Analyze food choices weight management & healthy living

The challenge:

Pretend it is 4 years into the future and you are a freshman in college with a meal plan and when you study you enjoy chips and cookies and you find yourself trying to avoid the Freshman 15!

Design a nutritional plan and fitness program based on the relationship between food intake and activity level with regard to weight management and healthy living (e.g. caloric intake, expenditure, weight gain, loss, maintenance, safe weight loss)

Step 1: Preview all the links on this flyer.

Step 2: Create an ideal meal and exercise plan using the template

Step 3: Summarize the relationship between eating and activity on a the back in a well written paragraph. (Analyze food choices and discuss how it should be used to develop a proper diet)


Use THIS site to help guide your food choices.

Use THIS link to get your plan template.

Use THIS link to guide your exercise choices.

Use THIS link to find the calories to foods you eat.

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THIS ABOUT THIS!! How long does it take for a 150 lb person to burn off 3 pieces of pizza?

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