Noemi M. 5.12.16


The White Oak river basin is located in the central coast of North Carolina.

Counties and Major Cities:

The White Oak river basin is made up of 4 counties which are, Carteret, Craven, Jones, and Onslow. It is also made up of 14 cities or towns some include Jacksonville, Wilmington, Beaufort and Morehead City.

Source of the basin and where it empties:

The Main source of the river basin comes from the town of Swansboro. It drains or empties in Bogue Sound.

Total mile of rivers/streams and overall size of the river basin:

The total miles of streams and rivers in the White Oak river basin are 277 miles. In total the White Oak river basin is 1,263 squared miles, which is about 0.7% of North Carolina.


The population of White Oak river basin in 2010 was 336,209 but by 2020 there should be about 25,818 more people living there.

Tourist Attractions:

Some place tourist like to go when they are near White Oak is Bear Island Hammocks Beach State Park, Masonboro Island Coastal Reserve, and White Oak River Paddle Trail.

3 Native Plants:

3 Native Animals:

Water Quality:

The water quality in White Oak river basin is excellent but in some parts it can be a little bad.

Sources of Pollution:

The main source of pollution for the White Oak river basin is runoff. The run off usually comes from construction sites, streets, yards, and farmlands after heavy rains.

What are they doing to help?

To help bring levels of pollution down people are using less harmful chemicals and are storing them in better and safer places.


Some of the White Oak river basin is owned privately and some is public.