Marquis De Lafayette

Ethan VanDeHey

Role In The Revolution

Lafayette was a general that led patriots to battle in the Revolutionary war
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3 important Facts

1 both of Lafayette parents died when he was vary little leaving him a wealthy orphan
2 marques sent hounds to Washington and Washington decided to make puppy and Lafayette made a new breed
3 he was shot in the knee and refused treatment and still was ok

Family Life

HE had a wife named Adrienne and had several kids named Gorge henrate Anastasie Moteier Marie

Life After The Revolution

he fled out of Frace and was put into prison. he then visited all 24 states and then died on May 20 1834

Character Traits

he fought and to shape frace in govermant

In the US known as laffatte was a french astrocrat and a military oficeer who fought in the Revolutionary War


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