Population Distribution Maps

By: Sophie, Ashley, Hayden, and Anna.

Three types of population distributions

Uniformed, Clumped, and Random are the three ways to classify population distribution.

The first Picture

In this picture all of the trees are clumped together in the same area. This is classified as clumped or as aggregated.

The Second Picture

In the second picture all of the trees are out of order. There is no pattern or common design of how the trees are laid out. This is called a random distribution.

The Third Picture

In the third picture all of the crops are organized in the same way. This is called uniform distribution.

Picture #1 and #2 were found in Rome, Italy. Picture #3 was found in Florida, USA.

Dependent and Independent factors

All of these pictures show crops that are dependent on water. If there was more water then the trees would grow and expand. If there was less water then the trees would die.

The trees are also dependent on sunlight. Without sunlight the trees would die and with sunlight the trees grow. The trees are dependent on both water and sunlight.