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NEWSLETTER / TERM 1 / WEEK 4 / 21st February 2023

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Message from Miss Melanie

We had a great day at our Pool Party and Pasta Day on Friday 17th February. The students enjoyed getting wet and having fun on the inflatables. Our pasta lunch was enjoyed along with a surprise Zooper Dooper to finish the meal. Thank you to the Staff for supervising and to all the students for such great behaviour on the day.

Families - we need your help please!!! We are asking for families to support us with the looking after of our chickens. If you could help by cleaning the pen out, feeding and watering once a term the chickens would definitely appreciate the attention. We would also love any lettuce scrap donations, as our chickens love lettuce leaves and it helps to keep their shells strong. We will also need for them to be looked after during the Easter school holidays if anyone can help. Please phone the school and let Miss Jenna know if you are able to help us out.

Don't forget we have two student free days on THURSDAY 2nd MARCH and FRIDAY 3rd MARCH. Staff will be travelling to Broome to participate in professional development, however, the office will be open during normal hours.

God Bless.

Miss Melanie

Rejoicing Religion

Monsignor Paul conducted a Commitment Mass on Sunday 19th February for the Holy Rosary Staff. He welcomed all the Staff to the Parish and the Staff shared a Commitment Prayer. He made a special mention to our new staff for 2023 - Miss Caroline, Miss Inge, Miss Rebecca and Mr Clinton.

Shrove Tuesday - the students enjoyed making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. The tradition began as the last feast day before the 40 days of Lent began, where people fasted. The classes will be learning about Lent and the significance of Easter in the Liturgical calendar over the remainder of the term.

Sacraments - for any families who have children who are baptised Catholic and would like to participate in the Sacramental programs, please can you contact the office and let Miss Jenna know. There will be a Commitment Mass for all Sacramental Candidates on Sunday 14th May (Term 2) so we encourage any families to let us know as soon as possible so that we are able to start organising these special events.

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Sports Scoop

Don't Forget - We have re-scheduled our swimming lessons for wks 8 & 9 and our Faction Swimming Carnival for Yrs 2 - 6 on the 5th April week 10. Families will be charged $25 per child to cover the costs of admission to the pool and swimming lessons. Don't forget to organise bathers and goggles if required before the lessons.

Kindy to Yr1 will participate in a Water Fun day at school.

Friday Fun Day

Everyone enjoyed a great day of Inflatable Fun on Friday 17th February. It was great to see all the students enjoying the water activities and socialising positively with each other. Some photos of the day are below, check out the Facebook page for the Friday Fun Day video.

School Access

Students and families are only to enter/leave the school grounds via the Boab gates located on Villiers, church gates and admin. Please DO NOT walk through the staff car park, this is for the safety of you and your child/ren.

School Advisory Council

If you are interested in supporting the growth and direction of Holy Rosary School we would love to see you join our school Advisory Council. The Council meets once a term to discuss ways to support the school with programmes and future planning and works in partnership with the Principal and relevant members of Staff. If you are interested, please contact the school and we will provide you with further details on how to join.


Term 1

Thursday 2nd March - STUDENT FREE DAY

Friday 3rd March - STUDENT FREE DAY

Monday 6th March - PUBLIC HOLIDAY

Friday 10th March - Assembly

Wednesday 15th March - NAPLAN commences (Yr 3 and Yr5)

20th-31st March-Swimming Lessons

Friday 31st March - Assembly

Wednesday 5th April -School Swimming Carnival

Thursday 6th April - Last day of Term 1

Term 2

Wednesday 26th April - FIRST DAY TERM 2

Please note dates and events may change over the term

Calendar 2023


2023- 3 Yr Old Kindy-Year 6

We are now taking enrolments for 2023.

Please use the link below to download an enrolment form or contact our friendly staff in admin.

Enrolment Form

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We are now taking kindy... - Holy Rosary School Derby | By Holy Rosary School Derby | We are now taking kindy enrolments for 2022, if your child turns 4 before July 2022 enrol now as places are limited.