They are here to win it all


  • Rule By The People
  • Strong State Governments
  • Emphasis on Agriculture.
  • Strict Interpretation of the Constitution
  • French Alliance
  • State Banks
  • Free Trade

About Jefferson!

Thomas Jefferson is a very good man! No matter how much money you have, he will support you! He wants our states to be stronger than our country as a whole! This is a great choice because it gives you, the people, more ruling and a better economy as a whole!

Alexander Crapilton

Alexander might be a choice you were going to make before reading this, but I am going to tell you why he is the wrong choice! He wants to rule by the wealthy class. What about you? The middle class trying to get by and make taxes and payments due? Thomas Jefferson would have our government rule and help the middle class instead of having all of the Wealthy people rule our land. Do you want them Spices from Africa? You may not be able to get these if you elect Alexander Hamilton. He wants protective Tariffs of all imports. Thomas Jefferson allows free trade! If you want something legal imported to the U.S, there is no one stopping you!