4 Things About Your Computer!

learn 4 things to help your computer

keep your computer clean

it is very important to keep your computer clean or it may stop working properly. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Cleaning the key board:

turn the keyboard upside down, shake gently to get any crumbs out

Use a compressed air to clean between the keys of the keyboard

  • Cleaning the mouse:

use a cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol on the front and the back of the mouse

  • Cleaning the monitor:
  1. First turn off the computer
  2. Unplug the cord from the computer
  3. Use a soft clean cloth wit water and rub gently on the monitor

Protecting your computer

If your computer gets a virus it can mess up your computer completely, here are some ways to keep that from happening:

  • Try to install an antivirus software
  • Be smart when typing in your email or submitting any information about yourself

Backing up your computer

  • What happens if your computer stops working your files could be lost forever. Here are some tips for preventing that:

you can purchase an external hard drive

you can also backup you files to an online backup service, also it may tale a very slow process

Maintnence Techniques

to make sure that your computer is easy to control and to work on it, its important to make sure you have organized files and organized tabs. Here are some tips to help your computer running smoothly:

  • Delete any files that don't hold any importance and don't need to be used
  • Run a disk clean up
  • Run the disk defragmenter