The Sparkling Spotlight

April 2014 Team Newsletter

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Star Director's Corner

Happy Happy April Wickless Sparklers!!

Wow 2014 continues to blow me away. All the promotions, engagement on our team calls, your team pages growing. It is amazing. We finished the month with over $44,000 in gross volume and 175 consultants on our team. That is so amazing.

Remember the more you learn, the more you earn so don't forget about our Team Webinar every Tuesday at 9pm online. It is a great place to connect with your team and network with people that can help your business grow.

We now have 5 Directors on our team. That is such an amazing thought. You can get there too. That is 5 people that started out brand new and did what it took to get there. Are your goals set up? Are you ready to go? I want to see ALL OF YOU with that that Directors Title!!!

Scentsy just released a Mothers Day bundle. DID YOU SEE? Be sure to start calling your customers and posting on your walls. Scents makes the perfect gift!! :) Its gorgeous!!

Be sure to jump on the Training Center Weekly so you can take in all that Scentsy has to offer. Connect with your Sponsor. They are not mind readers. Communicate what you need help with so that they can help you.

We have such an amazing team and I am sooo proud of each and every one of you.

Hugs and Love,


TOP PRV ~ Amber Brzuchalski ~ $3306.64

Top PRV ~ Dawn Edmondson ~ $2176.34

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March Promotions!! ~ GREAT JOB!

Hanna Landis - Director

Traci Lopez-Star Consultant

Stephanie Odden-Star Consultant

Heather Smith - Lead

Maria Deakin - Certified

Carol Carroll - Certified

Michelle Schomisch - Certified

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Our Next Director ~ Hanna Landis

Another Director! Quite a milestone. Hanna is a past incentive trip winner and has worked super hard to build a team and get to this point. I am so happy and proud of her. This is such a milestone and ONLY the beginning for her. GIve her a big SPARKLER CHEER!! She is building quite the team and we are only going to see them go UP UP UP!!!
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Top Recruiters

Amy Daniel ~ 2

Jessica Dumong ~ 2

Valerie Garrett ~ 2

Stephanie Odden ~ 1

Lauren Huffman ~ 1

Catherine-Lee Daniel ~ 1

Alexandra Szalay-Brooks ~ 1

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Shooting Star Award ~ 500 PRV in your first 15 days

Eugenia Deakin

Krystal Moore

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Scentsational Start Awards

Carol Carroll Level 2

Holly Lundquist Level 2

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Bring Back Back My Bar Voting ENDS on April 15, 2014!

Not much time left! Be sure to get your VOTES IN!!!

“Pin It” and “Like” it and Tweet it!! Get your customers voting too.

If a customer starts on the corporate page, the Consultant locator will take them directly to the BBMB voting page on the PWS of the Scentsy Fragrance Consultant they select.

The first round of voting will be April 1 to 15. We’ll tally the top 30 fragrances and put them up for another round of voting April 18 to 30 to get the final 20 bars that will be available for purchase July 1 to 31, 2014.

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Scentsy Convention, St Louis, MO ~ July 2014

Are you starting to plan for Scentsy Family Reunion, 2014. We are on Week 21 of our 52 week challenge. Be sure you Convention Savings is at $231. Start planning now and join us for the event of the year.

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