Cuban Misile Crisis

By: Jaci


Communism means a political and economic system in which the government owns all businesses and land. The U.S tried to stop communism from spreading from Germany to other countries.
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Joseph McCarthy

Joseph was born November 14th, 1908. Joseph McCarthy accused many people in the government to be communist. This resulted in the Red Scare.The Red Scare is the promotion of being afraid of a rise of communism. At this time Joseph McCarthy was the U.S senator.
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Nikita Khruschev

Nikita was born April 17th, 1894. Nikita Khruchev is the dictator of the Soviet Union. In July 1962 the United States noticed that the Soviet Ubion (communist) had began shippng missile's to Cuba. Cuba Is only 90 miles away from The United States.
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Nuclear Weapons

When the Soviet Union started shipping nuclear missiles to Cuba (90 miles away from the U.S) the U.S gets worried and supicious. Pesident Truman ordered Nikita to take down the missiles and he did. This was so important because this was the closest the U.S has ever gotten to a nuclear war.
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