MLK Assassination

Mizani Henry

Background Information


- Martin Luther King Jr

-Born January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia


- April 4th, 1968


- The Assassination of MLK


- Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN


- Shot once in the jaw , severing his spinal chord


- MLK was assassinated due to his bravery and his leadership to protest for what was right, which then angered those of the opposite race.

Bias by Selection of Sources (Article 1)

I found in this Article, that there are two sides to the death of MLK and both are highly supported. The author for this article only gives you information on mainly the good side. Stating actions made by MLK Jr in which were admired greatly and made him look like a good and brave man.

Bias by Story Selection (Article 2)

This article has information/stories pertaining to both sides of the assassination. There are supportive pictures and actions described leading up to the shooting yet there are no sides being taken, it seems as if maybe the information is showing more of the side where MLK was an innocent man and should not have been shot due to the anger of whites and them not liking the bravery from another race.

Inspirational Speech from One of the greatest

Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" Full speech (1963 Washington)

Marxist Criticism

The event could be examined in a Marxist Criticism because of the difference between African Americans and Whites. African Americans at that time were not equal with the Whites meaning jobs and other things were not as much cared for if you were of the opposite race. Due to the shooting of Martin Luther King Jr and the fact that he was also an African American man, the event could be examined as MLk being the less fortunate who angers the richer.

Historical Criticism

The event could also be examined in a Historical manner due to how history was prior to that time period. Whites and Blacks were known to stay separated, not bothering one and other and following their own set of rules that were set for both races. It was not a common thing to see an African American stick up for themselves or fight for something they felt was right, not thinking about the consequences. So when MLK stood up for what he felt was right and started to gain a role in leadership for all the other African Americans, it angered those (Whites) who felt that he was starting to make a change in how history once was and they just weren't having it.
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