Being A Digital Citizen of the Good

How do you do it?

Do's !

  • Treat everyone like how you would like to be treated (With Respect!)
  • Stop bullying when you see it
  • Use the technology you have to further your knowledge on appropriate topics
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Protect your personal information as well as anyone else's that you may know

Dont's !

  • Bully or patronize others for their opinions, beliefs, or background
  • Steal or modify someone else's work to make it appear as if it were yours all along
  • Give away personal information online to strangers (Stranger Danger!)
  • Use profanity or have an inappropriate attitude

Stay Safe, Don't Bully, Have Fun

Have any Questions or need to Consult with someone?

Ask a trusted teacher, parent, or counselor about a concern or situation you have. No matter the circumstance, we will be able to guide you through hardships and stressful situations and give you tips about how to handle certain situations.