Man vs. Himself

The monster going after the Frankenstein family is the conflict of the story. The reason that this is a conflict is because it falls back on Victor Frankenstein creating the monster in the first place. Without giving it attention and explanation the monster starts messing with his mind. Making him think that the monster is only out for him. The death of his family and lived ones cause him to go crazy with revenge and he starts a search for the monster, when he should be really looking at himself.

Jurassic Park

Man vs. Himself

The conflict in this story is the creation of something that has already dies. Dinosaurs have gone extinct for a reason and when they are brought back to life then they face the challenge of being in a new world then the one they died in. When they are first created they put Dr. Alan Grant against what he has done all his life. So although he is fascinated with the idea of bringing dinosaurs back he faces the fact that they could be more dangerous then the world thinks.

Scientific Dilemma

The conflict with marijuana is that there are good and bad possibilities with the use of it. While it may be helpful for the people who are sick and need it, it also raises the question that with making it more available more people could use it as a drug.