The Maze Runner

By: James Dashner Presented by: Briana Smet


The Maze Runner by James Dashner takes place in a Maze and in the middle of the Maze is called the Glade. The Glade is where Thomas and the rest of the people live which includes a Homestead, a garden, a small farm with animals and a butcher shed. Thomas is the main character and Teresa, Chuck, Alby, Newt, and Minho all play important roles. The characters are trying to escape the Maze to get back to a normal life even though their memories were taken from them. Thomas and Minho spend a lot of time running the Maze among the Grievers/creatures to look for clues and create maps to help save the lives of many. Thomas risk his life and gets bit by a Griever on purpose to go through the 'changing' which will allow him to regain some of his memories back. When the group decides to attempt an escape through the griever hole, Alby sacrifices his life to help the rest of the group escape the maze and find a better life.


Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Ex: The Gladers who enter the maze and Glade area cannot give up if they want to survive and escape the maze. Minho and Thomas discuss how important it is to keep searching for clues to escape. They said, "we can't give up" and "right on, bro. We can't give up". They were talking about running the maze and working on the maps.

Also, Thomas proved he would do anything to help them survive when he allowed himself to get cut up from a Griever so he could go through the 'changing' to bring back some memories that were wiped from his brain. He went through several days of pain trying to recover after getting the special serum from the Med-jacks.



  • He never puts himself first its always someone else that is more important. For example, he wants to bring Chuck back to his family.
  • Other characters think Thomas is either daring or plain out stupid for wanting to be in the maze among the Grievers.
  • Thomas has brown eyes, brown hair, ragged clothes, and muscular build.
  • Since arriving at the Glade Thomas has had a desire to be a Runner.
  • Author states, he could never leave someone behind to die when he could do something to help.


Thomas was upset with Gally who was one of the boys who went through the changing and wasn't following the rules. The quote below shows how the Keepers of the Glade made sure everyone followed the rules.

  • Newt said, "That shank threatened to kill you and we have to make bloody sure it never happens again. That shuck-face is going to pay a heavy price for acting like that--he's lucky we don't banish him. Remember what I told you about order."

Thomas and Teresa are able communicate using telepathy. At the end of the book once they are out of the maze they discuss losing Chuck. It shows how important Chuck was to Thomas.

  • Teresa: "I'm really sorry about Chuck"
  • Thomas: "He could be so annoying. But it hurts. Feels like I lost a brother"
  • Teresa: "I know"
  • Thomas: "I promised----"
  • Teresa: "Stop with the promise stuff. Half of us made it. We all would've died if we'd stayed in the Maze."
  • Thomas: "But Chuck didn't make it"
  • Teresa: He died saving you. He made the choice himself. Just don't ever waste it."

Figurative Language

Example of a Simile (page 294): "Thomas jumped as a terrible crash sounded right outside their door, accompanied by screams and the splintering of wood like some iron-jawed monster was eating the entire stairwell." This shows how afraid the Gladers were of the Grievers and why they wanted to escape.

Example of a Metaphor (page 39): "Thomas felt an icy terror blossom in his chest, expand like a tumor, making it hard to breath." This shows how scary the Grievers could be to the Gladers. They knew they were not afraid to kill any of them.

Example of Imagery (page 6): "A short, pudgy boy fidgeted back and forth on his feet, looking up at Thomas with wide eyes." This description allows you to put a picture in your mind.

Point of veiw

This story was told in 3rd person omniscient.

A couple examples are:

(1). "Part animal, part machine, the Griever rolled and clicked along the stone pathway. It's body resembled a gigantic slug, sparsely covered in hair and glistening with slime, grotesquely pulsating in and out as it breated." The author is explaining the creature known as a Griever in the maze.

(2). "The enormous stone wall to the right of them seemed to defy every known law of physics as it slid along the ground, throwing sparks and dust as it moved, rock against rock." The author is talking about the large stone walls of the maze that move each day to open and close the doors.