The End of Stupidity

By Robby Reyes

Our Problem

With the world seeming to be constantly getting smaller, a solution must be found for overpopulation. With the amount of IQ tests that can be found on the Internet, it is easy for someone to figure out their level of intelligence. An estimated 15% of the global population scores under 80. This being said, they would make a perfect target to reduce global overpopulation rates, removing over a billion people off of the face of the earth.

The Burden is Lifted!

With all of the stupid people removed, no longer will overpopulation be a burden on our shoulders. By removing the people, we remove the burden, and more opportunities arise.

More... Well More Everything!

With 13.5% of the population out of the way, there would be more job opportunities, land to live on -- a little leg room, so to speak. With them gone, it would be easier to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Better Reaserch

Suddenly, with all the stupid people out of the picture, researching for a cure for some disease that corrodes the brain is suddenly worthless! Now, those scientists, that budget, and all of that time can be put toward more promising items, such as a 3D Microwave. Imaging: You wake up early, and want a nice, homemade breakfast. Pop in the tab of your choice, hit a button, and - 30 seconds later- instant breakfast!

End Stupidity 2015

We live in the era of smart phones, smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart cars, smart houses - I think you get the point- but incredibly stupid people. Let's make a change, shall we?