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Important Dates Ahead

October 30~ PTC Skating Night @ Southland

November 10~ Veteran's Day Program

November 13-17~ Civic League Canned Food Drive Week

November 14~ PTC Meeting

November 14~ 3rd Grade Reach IRT Field Trip

November 15~ Midterms Posted

November 16~ Major Saver Kick Off

November 17~ My Guy and I Party

November 20~ 4th Grade State Pride Field Trip

November 22-24 NO SCHOOL

November 27~ College Week

From Our Proud Principal Mr. Murphy

I am pleased to report to you that we are off to a very nice start for second quarter of this school year. October has flown by and November is almost here. Our students are settling into the routines of school again after what hopefully was a terrific two week fall break for each of them. They continue to make friends and build relationships with their teachers. My favorite part of the day is when our children arrive at school. They are full of energy and ready to learn. In the past week I have noticed an increase in children telling me about their learning. They eagerly tell me about the book that they are reading or how they have been trying their best. This is evidence of highly engaged learners and it puts a smile on my face! Our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction while also making sure that our students are enjoying school. I cannot wait to see the growth that our students will make this year.

This year we are placing a significant focus on honoring and fostering student identity and their leadership potential. Each of our students come to school with unique personalities, diverse cultural backgrounds, and varying interests. At Thompson Crossing we value each student. We honor who they are and who they are becoming! One aspect of identity is a strong sense of belonging at school. Every student is a Thompson Crossing Eagle and we want them to feel included! We encourage families to support our vision of a strong school community by participating in our school events and by encouraging your children to engage in school. Together we can make Thompson Crossing the BEST school for our children to learn and grow in! Just this morning we had close to 100 adults and kids attending our second All-Pro Dad’s Club, and we are expecting a great turnout for our first ever Storybook Caravan this evening!

Please remember that there are many ways that we communicate with families. Teachers make phone calls, send emails, text, and some use social media to communicate. Please make sure to tell your child’s teacher your preferred form of communication and please keep your contact information updated in our office so we can contact you when necessary. Additionally, one way that our office communicates is through the use of Facebook. Please go to the Thompson Crossing Elementary School Facebook page and LIKE us to receive posts about upcoming events, the latest in school news, and to see what is going on in our school on a daily basis. We like to showcase our students, share stories, and highlight the positive things that happen in our school.

I look forward to a wonderful month of November ahead, and some of the many activities we have planned. We hope to see you as involved as you can be throughout the year!


Mr. Murphy

Jeffrey J. Murphy, Ed.S., Principal/Lead Learner

Thompson Crossing Elementary School – Growing Minds...Growing Leaders!


Franklin Township Community School Corporation

FTCSC Students…Prepared For Life’s Possibilites


From Our Counselor Mrs. Rainey

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Car rider families:

Safety of our students and families is our number one priority. Your cooperation with our rules and procedures is paramount to ensuring everyone’s safety. Please read carefully and assist us to make this process more efficient and safe for all of our students. Please do not get out of your vehicle. Make sure students know how to buckle their own seatbelts or booster seat harnesses. If your child does not, pull forward after it is okay to, park in the lot and secure your child. Students are expected to exit the car directly on the side of our sidewalk. If this is not possible, students SHOULD ONLY CROSS IN FRONT OF YOUR VEHICLE TO GET TO THE SIDEWALK. Drivers and passengers are expected to follow all directions of the Thompson Crossing staff members directing the line. We will have a staff member releasing cars in the line as necessary. AM Drop Off: 8:40-8:50am IF YOU DROP OFF ANY LATER AND THERE IS NOT A STAFF MEMBER PRESENT, YOU MUST COME IN TO SIGN IN YOUR STUDENT(S).

Bring the Kiddos in their costumes to FC for The Princess/Super Hero Breakfast On October 28th!! 8am-12pm $5.00 per person

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Veteran's Day Is Coming!! November 10th Is Our Program! See Info Below and Please Reply NO LATER THAN 11/3.

From Our Transportation Department...Meet Your Bus Drivers!

Bob drives bus 94

I have driven a bus for 15 years.

My favorite subject in school was History.

My hobbies are woodworking and biking.

My favorite vacation place is someplace I haven’t been.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the great food, and presents. I love watching the kids unwrap the gifts.

I also want you to know my wife and I have 2 adult children. One is a railroad master in Whitefish, Montana. Our daughter is a surgeon at St. Francis. We have 5 adopted children, 2 boys and 2 girls. We have 3 dogs and our 12 year old boxer, Peanut, passed away July 30, 2017. She’s peacefully waiting and playing at the Rainbow Bridge.

Randy drives bus 56.

What do you like about driving a school bus? I worked for 29 years with children as a teacher of 4th, 5th, and 6th grades and now I can continue to connect with them as a bus driver.

I have driven for 1 year.

My favorite subject in school was Language Arts.

My hobbies are enjoying family and friends at every opportunity.

My favorite vacation place is the Florida Beach.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I like the magic of it and the event we celebrate.

I also want you to know that I have 6 children that attended Franklin Township Schools and 15 grandchildren, 10 of which attend Franklin Township Schools.

Bill drives bus 97.

What do you like about driving a school bus? If you ask him he’ll say “eight out of ten days” are good days on the bus and he repeatedly talks about the wonderful children and families he has come into contact with as a result of being a Franklin Township bus driver. The best part of any day is renewing acquaintances with young adults who used to be little kids on the bus. Bill used to play with school bus toys as a child. He still plays with vehicles even now as the owner of a vintage race car.

I have driven a bus for 9 years.

I also want you to know that Bill and his wife, Janet, have lived in Franklin Township for 38 years. They have 3 grown children and now a grandson. Bill retired from advertising sales at Star Media Group (The Indianapolis Star) where he worked for 23 years. His favorite vacation places have been The Grand Canyon and the wonderlands of South Dakota. These places renew our faith in a loving God.

Tricia drives bus 75.

I have driven a bus for 5 years.

My favorite subject in school was History.

My hobby is reading.

My favorite vacation place is Barbados.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because of my fond childhood memories and spending time with family and friends.

Ashlee drives bus 83.

What do you like about driving a school bus? I like meeting all of the new children each year and getting to know them.

I have driven the bus for 2 years.

My favorite subject in school was Theater Arts.

My hobbies are painting, reading, and being a wife and mommy.

My favorite vacation place is Michigan and Georgia.

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love being with my family.

Star Express Pick Of The Month

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Check Out What Programs Our Local Library Has to Offer

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Save The Date!! PTC Skating Night At Southland October 30 @ 6:30pm!

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What has our PTC been up to lately? Check out the Link Below To Our PTC Facebook Page For All The Latest Information

Civic League Canned Food Drive Starts November 13!

Canned Food Drive

Our yearly Civic League sponsored canned food drive is November 13th-17th. We have many incentives for the students to bring in canned foods. Each day they bring in at least one can of food, they can participate in the theme for the day! The homework pass can be cashed in on whatever day they so choose. Our 4th and 5th grade Student Council students will be collecting and counting cans for each class every morning.

Monday, November 13th: Bring a stuffed animal to school

Tuesday, November 14th: Hat Day

Wednesday, November 15th: WACKY Wednesday (hair, socks, clothes, etc.)

Thursday, November 16th: Pajama/Slipper Day

Friday, November 17th: FREE homework pass!!!

**The class that collects the most cans gets to duct tape

Mr. Murphy at our December Team Time in front of the

entire school!!**

Link below to Our PTC Newsletter