Getting better grade


I thing perents should help kid with their homework. because they can't get assignments done. I't lower their stress level and they get better grades.
If a student needs help and there's nobody around to help him. He can't get assignment done.Having a parents available to help at night will give the student a better chance of not having any late work.
He stress and doesn't know his homework. He confuse and prably won't finished his homework.Being stress out only makes thing worse because it makes you tired and unmerited. If you're tired you might not stay awake in class.
If parents help kids they could get better grade and pass the test. Because they are getting the problem correct the first time. They will do better on quizzes and tests.
That how kid pass the school and go to a different school. When parents help their kids with homework, they are setting them up for future success allowing them a better chance for great grades and more education.