The Scorch Trials Playlist

By James Dasher


The playlist I created is what I feel would be the best songs to be played in this movie. Considering the challenges they all faced they Thomas and Teresa worked together and pulled through it all.

Song 1 Bad Company By 5 Finger Death Punch

The reason I used this song is because the boys are just going out into the Scorch. They don't know what they will find besides cranks and they need to be tough to fight there way to the Safe haven.

Song 2 Say Something A Great Big World

The reason I choose this song was because Thomas Missed Teresa. They met in the Maze and fell in love and now he doesn't know where she is or why she won't talk to him. He keeps trying to contact her telepathically because they can do that and when she finally talks back she yells at him and he is heart broken.

Song 3 TNT by AC/DC

I choose this song because it gets me pumped up. In the book they are walking through the scorch in an abandoned city and all of the sudden these Cranks (they are kind of like zombies but they still have there minds) come out of nowhere and they must fight to stay alive. I could picture this song playing because it gets me ready for a fight.

Song 4 Radioactive Imagine Dragons

I choose radioactive as my final song because I kind of think it sums up there whole experience. They are all tired and don't want to continue this journey but they find a way to push through and make it to the safe haven. But then Teresa is gone and the last thing she says to Thomas is Wicked is good.